Welcome to 7th Grade!!!!

Simple Sentence Practice

Argumentative essay FSA rubric

Essay Map

Compound Sentence Practice

Monday 11/7/16

STAR testing

Tuesday 11/8/16

Simple Sentence Review

Introduction to Compound Sentences including FANBOYS

Counter-Claim and Conclusion deconstruction

Wednesday 11/9/16

Compound Sentence Practice using FANBOYS

Counter-Claim and Conclusion completion

Thursday 11/10/16

Compound Sentence Practice

Introducing argumentative essay

Should people have the right to claim territory in outer space?

Friday 11/11/16

Close Read Articles on whether or not people should have the right to claim territory in outer space and begin graphic organizer.

Monday 10/31/16

Tell Tale Heart Movie

Finish Tell Tale Heart Test

Tuesday 11/1/16

Begin Simple sentence subject/predicate practice

Discuss Argumentative Essay rubric

Wednesday 11/2/16

Simple sentence practice 

Look at intro and 1 paragraph of essay and pull out valid evidence

Thursday 11/3/16

Simple Sentence practice

Pull evidence from 3rd paragraph and counterclaim

Friday 11/4/16

Simple Sentence Quiz

Conclusion Paragraph

Begin compound sentence powerpoint/ FANBOYS

Monday 10/17/16

Review for Outsiders final

Outsiders final study guide

Vocabulary definitions

Tuesday 10/18/16

Outsiders final

Vocab 4A

Wednesday 10/19/16

Outsiders final continued

Vocab 4B

Soc vs. Greasers Day

Thursday 10/16/16

Outsiders Movie

Vocab 4C

Friday 10/17/16

Outsiders Movie

Vocab 4D

Homework: Create graphic organizer for Outsiders essay

Monday 10/3/16

Vocabulary 3 definitions

Guiding questions for The Outsiders Chapters 1-4

1. Who are the Socs?  Who are the Greasers?

2. How does the story begin? Where is Ponyboy? Who does he run into?

3. Why doesn't Ponyboy like referring to Soda as a dropout?

4. Why does Johnny like it better when his father is hitting him?

5. How does the foreshadow that Johnny would use his knife in Ch. 2?

6. How would you have helped Johnny and Ponyboy if they came to you after the incident?

7. Draw a picture (with color) of all the Greasers (make sure you label each one.)

Homework Read chapters 5-6/ Review vocabulary words

Tuesday 10/4/16

Vocab  3a

Guiding questions chapters 5-6

1. Why does Pony have a problem with their disguise?

2. Why does Pony realize he doesn't like Dally?

3. Close read Nothing Gold Can Stay.  What is the poem saying

4. Why doesn't Dally want Johnny to turn himself in?

5. Why do you think Johnny wasn't scared?  Explain.

Review Vocabulary words

Homework: Study vocabulary words and guiding questions

Wednesday 10/4/16

Vocab 3b

Review guiding questions in groups and prepare for Outsiders quiz 1-6

Homework: Study vocabulary words/ study for Outsiders quiz

Thursday 10/5/16

Vocab 3c

Outsiders quiz Chapters 1-6

Homework: Study vocab words/ read chapters 7-8 The Outsiders

Friday 10/6/16

Vocab 3d

guiding questions The Outsiders

1. Why would being crippled be worse for Johnny than someone else?

2. What is a juvenile delinquent?  Are the Greasers Juvenile delinquents?

3. What was Bob's real problem according to Randy?

4. Why do the boys fight?  Why is Pony different?

5. What do Johnny's last words to Pony mean?

Homework: read chapters 9-12






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