Welcome to 7th Grade!!!!

I am looking forward to a wonderful year.

Attached you will find the instructions to the Summer Reading Project.  This is due on August 19.

Reference practice

Summer Reading Project packet

Summer book list 6-8

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas pdf

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas complete study guide

Hero/Biography Book Report Template

Grammar Capitalization powerpoint

Wordy Wise 1

Wordly Wise 2

Wordly Wise 3

Wordly Wise 4

Wordly Wise 5

Wordly Wise 6

Wordly WIse 7

Wordly Wise 8

Wordly Wise 9

Wordly wise 10

Wordly Wise 11

Holocaust Articles

 Outsiders PDF

Monday April 20, 2015

FSA Reading

Tuesday April 21, 2015

Introduce Resume Writing

Explain importance of having a updated resume and fill out sample resume

Wednesday April 22, 2015

FAIR testing

Thursday April 23, 2015

Look at creating the effective resume 

Read through Do's and Don'ts

Fill out blank resume form

Friday April 24, 2015

Practice EOC with Bailey

Monday April 13, 2015

Grammar Review

Noun/ Adjective/ Adverb/ Verb Clauses

USA Test Prep Homework 4-13-15

Tuesday April 14, 2015

Continue Clauses

USA Test Prep Homework 4-14-15

Wednesday April 15, 2015

Dangling and Misplaced Modifiers

USA Test Prep Homework 4/15/15

Thursday April 16, 2015

Review of Grammar

No Homework (Get a good night Sleep!!!)

Friday April 17, 2015

FSA Reading 7th grade

Monday March 16, 2015 

USA test prep listening bell work

Pre-assessment FSA reading

Tuesday March 17, 2015

USA test prep listening bell work

Continue FSA assessment 

Review assessment

Wednesday March 18, 2015

USA test prep listening bell work

Flight of Icarus Close Read

Answer Guiding questions

Thursday March 19, 2015

USA test prep listening bell work

Flight of Icarus Close Read

Finish Guiding Questions and review

Friday March 20, 2015

USA test prep listening bell work

Review test Flight of Icarus

Monday February 16, 2015

No School Presidents Day

Tuesday February 17, 2015

Water Supply Writing Prompt 

Close Read and Graphic Organizer

Wednesday February 18, 2015

Water Supply Writing Prompt

Students will write the essay in this class period

Thursday February 19, 2015

Chocolate Milk Prompt

Close Read and Graphic Organizer

Friday February 20, 2015

Chocolate Milk Prompt

Students will write the essay in this class period

Monday February 9, 2015

Powerpoint varied sentence structure

Powerpoint link

Practice different sentence structures including simple, complex, compound

As well as review dependent and independent clauses


Wordly Wise 11A-11B

Tuesday February 10, 2015

Review Homework

Complex Sentences

Work on Subordinate Conjunctions and combining simple sentences

into complex and compound sentences


Wordly Wise 11C-11D

Wednesday February 11, 2015

Review Homework

Rewrite Advancement in Scientific Methods

Introduction and paragraphs 1-2


Wordly Wise 11E Bold Words

Thursday February 12, 2015

Review Homework

Continue rewriitng

paragraphs 3-5


Wordly Wise 11E rest of words

Friday February 13, 2015

Vocabulary test

Discuss Common mistakes in writing

Look at anchor papers and create graphic organizers to dissect them

Monday February 2, 2015

Informative Essay Close Read/ Graphic Organizer

Review Chapters 15-20 Boy in the Striped Pajamas


Complete Graphic Organizer

Tuesday February 3, 2015

Write Informative Essay

Review for Boy in the Striped Pajamas Final

Wednesday February 4, 2015

Boy in the Striped Pajamas Final

Conferencing on Informative Essay

Homework: Edit Essay

Thursday February 5, 2015

Informative Essay final draft due

Boy in the Striped Pajamas movie

Friday February 6, 2015

Boy in th

Monday January 26, 2015

Complete Argumentative Video game writing/conferencing with teacher

Review Chapters 7-12 Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Read Chapter 13 Boy in the Striped Pajamas


Review Study Guide for Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Tuesday January 27, 2015

Test Chapter 7-13 Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Introduce Mountain Climbers argumentative essay

Homework: Boy in the Striped Pajamas Chapter 14-15

Wednesday January 28, 2015

Close Read Mountain Climbers article

Begin graphic organizer

Homework: Boy in the Striped Pajamas Chapter 16-17 read/ Study Guide

Thursday January 29, 2015

Timed argumentative essay

Homework: Chapters 18-19 Boy in the Striped Pajamas read/ Study Guide

Friday January 30, 2015

Conferencing and corrections argumentative essay

Review Chapters 16-19 Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Homework: Read Chapters 20-21/ complete study guide

Monday January 19, 2015

No School

Tuesday January 20, 2015

No School

Wednesday January 21, 2014

Boy in the Striped Pajamas Chapter 1-7 test 

Begin VIdeo Game Learning Prompt

Homework: Read Chapters 7-8 and work on study guide

Thursday January 22, 2014

Continue Addressing Video game prompt

Begin writing essay

Homework: Read Chapter 9-10 and work on study guide

Friday January 23, 2014

Finish Video Game Prompt 

begin conferencing

Work on Chapters 7-10 Study guide

Homework: Read chapters 11-13 Boy in the Striped Pajamas and work on study guide..

Monday January 12, 2015

Propoganda with Bailey

Homework Chapter 3-4 Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Tuesday January 13, 2015

Review Chapters 1-4 Study Guide

Capitalization Grammar Power point and review

Homework: Read Chapter 5 Boy in the Striped Pajamas and make sure study guide is finished

Wednesday January 14, 2015

FAIR testing

Homework: Read Chapter 6 Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Thursday January 15, 2015

Finish Fair testing 

Complete grammar packet

Friday January 16, 2015

Boy in the Striped Pajamas 1-6 Quiz

Capitalization Quiz

Monday January 5, 2015

Wordly Wise 10 Vocab Definitions

Begin Holocaust Project

Homework Wordly Wise 10A-10B

Tuesday January 6, 2015

Continue Holocaust Project

Homweork: Wordly Wise 10C-10D

Wednesday January 7, 2015

Complete Holocaust Project

Homework: Wordly Wise 10E Bold words

Thursday January 8, 2015

Propaganda lesson with Bailey

Two Column Notes (Whats the Message)

Homework: Wordly Wise rest of 10E

Friday January 9, 2015

Vocabulary Quiz 10

Finish Whats the Message packet

3 Stations with Bailey 10 min per station

Monday December 1, 2014

Things Change Expository Writing packet

Unit 2 Writing/ Informative/ Expository Writing

Analyze the Model Close Read "Starting Strong"

*Decide: How could you use narrative descriptions in an informative essay on Civil War drummer boys?

Homework: Vocab 9A-9B

Tuesday December 2, 2014

Close Read A Universe of Knowledge

Cite textual evidence that shows that Anita's main ideas relate to the text.

Homework: Vocab 9C-9D

Wednesday December 3, 2014

Close Read Planet X or Dwarf Planet

Answer Questions p. 41

Read P. 42

Homework: Vocab 9D Bold Words

Thursday December 4, 2014

Prompt: How is the presence of Burmese Pythons changing the Everglades

Introduce how to read sources 1-4 just to look for the evidence to support the prompt

Homework: Vocab 9E remainder of words

Friday December 5, 2014

2nd hero book check in pages 1-2 completion

Vocabulary Quiz

Continue to Close Read Sources 1-4 for evidence 

Answer questions page 48-49 Respond to questions on Step 2 Sources

Monday November 17, 2014

Begin Close Read on 100% The Story of a Patriot

Homework: Close Read - Welcome to the Sport Pod/ Answer m/c questions 1-4 proving your answers

Tuesday November 18, 2014

Continue from Monday

Homework: Close Read - Internet Room/ Answer m/c questions 1-4 proving your answers

Monday November 10, 2014

Due# Vocab Definitions

Discuss Types of Evidence

Writing Prompt: Should People have the Right to Claim Territory in Outer Space?

Find Evidence/Planning and Pre-wriitng

Homework: 8A-8B

Tuesday November 11, 2014

Finalize your Plan for essay

Begin writing argumentative essay using the 4 sources 

Homework: 8C-8D

Wednesday November 12, 2014

Complete essay and begin revising essay with checklist

Homework 8E ALL words******

Thursday November 13, 2014

Vocabulary 8E Review

.Peer editing of essay of essay using checklist

Friday November 19, 2014

Finish peer editing and make final adjustments to paper and hand in

Begin C;lose Read of 100% - The Story of a Patriot

Monday November 3, 2014

The Columbus Day Dilemma Close Read

Let's Celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day Close Read

Class Discussion: Should we celebrate Columbus Day?
Use evidence from the passage to support your stance

Homework: Close Read - Soldier in Disguise

Tuesday November 4, 2014

Analyze Student Model for Step 1

Did Allison's essay convince you that Columbus Day should be celebrated?

Go over terminology of Argumentative texts

Homework Close Read - Digging into Custer's Last Stand

Wednesday November 5, 2014

Terminology of Argumentative texts continued

Homework: Close Read - Florida's Python Problem

Thursday November 6, 2014

Red Planet Blog/ Biography Elon Musk

Compare Sources 1 and 2.  Which text makes space colonization seem like a realist possibility?

Cite evidence in your response to support your answer.

Homework Close Read - Growing Good Examples at the White House

Friday November 7, 2014

Source 3: Advertisement - Discuss advertisement

Source 4: Newspaper Article

What questions does the newspaper article raise about outer space real estate ventures?  

Cite evidence from both resources to support your answer

 Close Read test: Three Parts

Monday October 27, 2014

Go over Vocabulary definitions

Outsiders Final

Homework: Vocabulary 7A-7B

Tuesday October 28, 2014

Vocab 7A-7B

Outsiders Final Continued

Homework: Vocabulary 7C-7D

Wednesday October 29, 2014

Vocab 7C-7D

Tell Tale Heart Close Read

Homework 7E Bold Words

Thursday October 30, 2014

Vocab 7E 

Continue Close Read of Tell Tale Heart/ Watch Video

Vocab 7E remainder of words 

Friday October 31, 2014

Vocab Test

Mystery book report due

Students will have the entire class to complete the project!!

6th and 7th period Projects will be due Monday

Monday October 13, 2014

Go over Vocabulary Definitions

Chapters 5-8 Outsiders Test

Homework Vocabulary 6A-6B

Tuesday October 14, 2014

Finish Outsiders Test

Compelete Outsiders Essay

Homework: Vocabulary 6C-6D/ Read Chapter 9 Outsiders

Wednesday October 15, 2014

Finding Your Everest Close Read

Homework 6E Bold Words/ Read 

Monday October 6, 2014

Writing Introductions

Different types of Hooks!!

Rewrite introduction to essay


Close Read/ Chapters 5-8 Outsiders read and Study Guide 

Tuesday October 7, 2014

Complex Sentences

Revise Body paragraph utilizing Complex sentences


Close Read/  Chapters 5-8 Outsiders read and Study Guide 

Wednesday October 8, 2014

How to write an effective conclusion powerpoint

Review Chapters 5-8 Outsiders Study Guide


Close Read/  Chapters 5-8 Outsiders read and Study Guide 

Thursday October 9, 2014

Rewrite conclusions

Edit essay with partner using rubric

Make final revisions

Homework: Close Read/  Chapters 5-8 Outsiders read and Study Guide 

Friday October 10, 2014

Close Read Quiz

Review Chapter 5-8 Study Guide

Homework: Study for Outsiders 5-8 test Monday

Monday September 29, 2014

Mini Close Read

Writing Assessment


Wordly Wise 5A-5B

Tuesday September 30, 2014

Powerpoint Introductions:  How to write a Thesis Statement

Re-write Introductory paragraph

Wordly Wise 5C-5D

Wednesday October 1, 2014

Re-writing Body paragraphs with Transitions


Wordly Wise 5E Bold words only

Thursday October 2, 2014

FAIR Testing


Wordly Wise 5E complete/ Study

Friday October 3, 2014

Finish FAIR testing

Complete Chapters 5-6 Study Guide

Vocabulary Quiz

Chapter 6 The Outsiders

Homework:  Read Chapters 7-8 The Outsiders

Monday September 22, 2014

Mini Close Read

Mystery book report assigned; DUE OCTOBER 31!!!!

Review Chapters 1-4 of The Outsiders

Work on Crossword Puzzle

Tuesday September 23, 2014

MIni Close Read

Outsiders Chapter 1-4 test

Work on Crossword Puzzle

Wednesday September 24, 2014

Mini Close Read

Chapter 5 Outsiders

Work On Crossword Puzzle

Thursday September 25, 2014

MIni Close Read

Close Read Nothing Gold Can Stay

Work On Crossword Puzzle

Friday September 26, 2014

Mini Close Read Quiz

Continue Close Read on Nothing Gold Can Stay

Hand in Crossword Puzzle

Monday September 15, 2014 

Where I'm From Poem due

Begin Outsiders

Review history in the 60's

Excerpts of MLK I Have a Dream Close Read

and S.E. Hinton

Homework:  Wordly Wise 4A-4B

Tuesday September 16, 2014

Outsiders Chapter 1-2

Choose your favorite character

Study Guide

Homework Worldly Wise 4C-4D

Wednesday September 17, 2014

Outsiders Chapter 3-4

Study Guide Review

Wordly Wise 4E Bold words

Thursday September 18, 2014

Outsiders Test

Wordly Wise 4E

Friday September 19, 2014

Vocabulary Quiz

Bellwork Quiz

Finish Outsiders Test

Monday September 8, 2014

Begin bellwork 3

Vocab Wordly Wise Week 3

Review Showing vs. Telling in poems

Begin Writing Template for Where I'm From Poem

Homework Wordly Wise 3A-3B

Tuesday September 9, 2014


Vocab Revidew

Revise Template of Where I'm From Poem with a partner

Poem is Due September 12, 2014

Homework Wordly Wise 3C/ Work on Where I'm From Poem

Wednesday September 10, 2014


Vocab Review

Introduction to the Outsiders Chapters 1-2

Choose your favorite character

Homework Wordly Wise 2E Part 1

Thursday September 11, 2014


Vocab Review

Chapter 2-3 Outsiders

Homework Wordly Wise 2E part 2/ Study for Vocabulary quiz

Friday September 12, 2014

Vocabulary Quiz

Bellwork Quiz

Continue Chapter 3-4 

Begin Wordly Wise 4 Definitions

Monday September 1, 2014


Tuesday September 2, 2014


Wednesday September 3, 2014

Bellwork/ Vocabulary words

Figuartive Language Notes

Figurative Language slides

Homework vocab 2A-2B

Thursday September 4, 2014

Bellwork/Vocabulary Review

Close Read on Where I'm From by George Ella Lyon

Homework vocab 2C-2D

Friday September 4, 2014

Continue Close Read

"How does the author use language to show where they are from?

Homework: FIll in graphic organizer about family

Monday August 25, 2014

Introduction to Binder Set up

Summer Reading Project Final!!!!

Tuesday August 26, 2014

1. Bell work instruction

2. Begin The House

Continue Author's Purpose Note taking

Homework Wordly Wise 1 E Close Read

Wednesday August 27, 2014


Review of Vocabulary

1. Continue The House

Review Vocabulary Close Read Wordly Wise 1 E

Homework: Complete Wordly Wise 1E

Thursday Augugst 28, 2014


Review of Vocabulary

Begin King Of Beasts


Wordly Wise Study for Vocabulary Quiz

Friday August 29, 2014

Vocab Quiz

Finish King of Beast

Monday August 18, 2014


Letters from Last year

Discuss letters and what students expect from from this year.....

Tuesday August 19, 2014

Close Read over Syllabus

7th grade syllabus

Wednesday August 20, 2014


Finish Close Read of Syllabus/ Discuss

Begin Presentations of Summer Reading project

Thursday August 21, 2014

Continue Presentations

Friday August 22, 2014

Finish Presentations