Welcome to 7th Grade!!!!


Where I'm From Template

Figurative Language reference sheet

Outsiders Chapter 1-3

Outsiders Chapter 4

Outsiders Chapt 5-8 Study Guide

Wordly Wise 4

Wordly Wise 6 Periods 2,3,4,5

Monday August 29, 2016

Intro to Wordly Wise Vocabulary

Poetry Notes power point

Tuesday August 30, 2016

Continue intro to Wordly Wise

Complete Poetry notes

Wednesday August 31, 2016

Begin writing Where I'm From Poem

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Wordly Wise 1A

Finish writing Where I'm From Poem/ type up/ decorate

Friday Sept 2, 2016

Wordly Wise 1B

Begin reading Rogue Wave and answering Guiding Questions

Hand out Close Read Instructions

Monday August 22, 2016

1. Hand out tracking cards and agendas

2. Fire drill practice

3. Close read Letters from Last Year

HOMEWORK: Close Read Syllabus

Tuesday August 23, 2016

1. Close Read Syllabus and discuss class procedures

2. Binder set up; bellwork/ vocab/ notes

3. Read "The House"

Wednesday August 24, 2016

1. Continue reading "The House" and discuss purposes for writing

2. Begin close Read of: Do Video Games Have a Major Effect on Players' Physical Health?"

Thursday August 25, 2016

1. Complete close read and create graphic organizer

HOMEWORK; Bring 4-5 pictures for Where I'm From Poem

Friday August 26, 2016

1. Write essay on Do Video Games Have a Major Effect on Players' Physical Health?

Thursday October 7, 2015

Graphic organizer elaborations/ why are they important?

Homework: Periods 2,3,4,5 Wordly Wise Remainder of 4e/ Periods 6 and 7 Wordly Wise  Remainder of 2E

Friday October 8, 2015

Vocabulary packet due

Vocabulary quiz

Create first "draft" of argumentative essay

Homework: vocab definitions and read chapters 9-10 with study guide of the Outsiders


Read Chapter 2 The Outsiders

Wordly Wise 2c-2d

Wednesday September 23, 2015

Create Graphic Organizers for Civics Project


Read Chapter 3 The Outsiders

Wordly Wise 2E Bold Words only

Thursday September 24, 2015


Review Chapters 2-3 Outsiders

Homework: Wordly Wise 2E

Friday September 25, 2015

Bibliography and decorate boxes

Take Home vocabulary Test

Homework Definitions: Vocabulary Week 3

Vocabulary Week 3:

Monday September 14, 2015

Wordly WIse Week 1

Mississippi Solo

Discuss personification/memoir


Wordy Wise 1A-1B

Tuesday September 15, 2015

Continue Mississippi Solo

Page 137

Homework Wordly WIse 1C-1D

Wednesday September 16, 2015

Mississippi Solo Assessment

Homework Wordly Wise 1E #1-6 only

Thursday September 17, 2015

Introduce The Outsiders

Discuss What it means to be an outsider and connotative language used in book

Homework Worldy Wise 1E 7-15

Read Chapters 1-2 Outsiders

Friday September 18, 2015

Wordly WIse Quiz 1

Discuss Chapters 1-2 and characterization 

Homework: Read Chapter 3-4 Outsiders

Introduce Hero's Project

August 31, 2015

Summer Reading Project Due Today!!!!!!

1st Writing Assessment

Close Read Articles and Bring Journals to Schools

September 1, 2015

Create Graphic Organizer for Writing Prompt

Assign 9-11 Project

September 2, 2015

Begin Writing Essay


September 3, 2015

Revise and conference essay

September 4, 2015

Quiz on simple, complex, compound sentences

August 24, 2015

Welcome Back


1. Tracking Cards

2. Agenda

Homework: Read Syllabus with parent/have them sign

August 25, 2015

Close Read Syllabus

Pre-test Unit 1

August 26, 2015

Completion of Unit 1 pretest

August 27, 2015

Happy Birthday Mrs. Tollar

Set up binders

August 28, 2015

Review Unit 1 pretest

Complete The House